Wearable World

http://wearableworld.co/ and when do ‘they start with the electric shocks if we dont do what ‘they’ want?!! Wearable is not putting up with. Should be ‘to,wear’ kk compronde Computer,speak Hippy Dippy(??) speak ..… Continue reading

Remember that Colleague who had the newsletter and locked it in his-her desk drawer

Slowly, evolving slowly etc Not particularly clever,  obviously shouldnt be on the internet … discuss …protectionism, wise, cant control where info would end up etc etc


Had such a good link, but came across this (and the photo is the double of a person in the library today!!) Info on the private blog- disappointing but hey, the internet is… Continue reading

A new wp theme… Avid

Off to Another blog theme testing…

One or two other themes look awsome, soon it will be time to try them too.


Super theme, however the post page isn’t vertical, but horizontal which is slightly less easy to use on a mobile. 

Search Engine Optimise Key words…what happened to them?

The whole scenario changed….oh and flash went too…

‘I had such a good idea’ why didnt i make a million??

Smartphone OS systems

Gingerbread      (what came before Gingerbread?) Froyo….whats a Froyo Honeycomb Ice Cream Sandwich…. Lime Key Pie??

Fun Check in Apps

on the Smartphone…tablet  (who mentioned Tablets…ipads…pods…)